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Jack Bauer, Special Agent In Charge, CTU Los Angeles
Brittany Colefield, Assistant Special Agent In Charge, CTU Los Angeles - bravotwozero
Michael Colefield, CTU Field Operative and Brittany's husband - uv_colefield
Brian Holt, Chief Medical Officer, CTU Los Angeles - angel_support
Eric Weiss, former CIA agent and current CTU Operative - eric_weiss
Arica Weiss, forensic anthropologist and Eric's wife - aricamuse
Lex Richards, tech officer at CTU and Brittany's partner - spytech_lex
Jack Bristow, CIA senior staff member - jackdbristow
George Mason, CTU District Director
Jimmy McCarron, LAPD homicide detective and Brittany's confidant - phaseofgrace
Tom Quinn, former MI5 agent in asylum - deadalive_5
Kimberly Bauer, Jack's daughter and Brittany's surrogate sister - kimberly_bauer
Joshua Doors, lawyer, Moved to L.A. to find Arica again - joshuadoors
Charlotte Marchessault, CTU Agent, transferred from Secret Service - cm_marchessault
Mark Vasquez, CIA Agent, Michael Vaughn's new partner - markvasquez
Andrew Moser, CTU Agent - andrew_moser
Mark Holden, CTU Agent in charge of Security
Steve Claire, CTU Agent